kidsretreat2015The Littlest Tumor Foundation (LTF) envisions a world where tumors in children do not exist, NF research is generously funded, and compassion is in every detail.

A nonprofit founded in 2010, LTF has been credited with gaining significant congressional support for critical, federally-funded research dollars, establishing Wisconsin as a model of bipartisan NF support, and developing an innovative NF Family Wellness Retreat.

When we are not busy advocating for federally-funded research monies and retreat building, you can find us hosting fundraising events such as the “sam i am” run/walk for the cure & the Keith Morgan Memorial LTF Golf Classic, promoting NF awareness far and wide, and focusing on all things wellness, growth, and development.

We invite you to be part of the solution. info@littlesttumor.org


 IMG_8876We are thrilled Pierson is going to be working on building our NF Family Retreat.

Wellness Rising :)

NF Family Wellness Retreat 2016 Aug 12-15

email: info@littlesttumor.org to register today

Neurofibromatosis 1 (NF1) usually
Littlest Tumor Foundation




Tell you legislators: Tumors in children, we do not like them, we do NOT like them. Sign our letter of support HERE and we will contact your legislators.





1467463_685417604826055_1638655420_n“sam i am” … tumors in children we do not like

them run/walk for the cause

Plamann Park, Appleton WI

 Date : May 28, 2016


We are sending out–nothing but LOVE, to all who support the NF cause!







We believe


A Simple Favor: do one thing, do two

Thing 1: Spread our Simple Message Everywhere #TumorsInChildren,WeDoNOTLikeThem


Thing 2: Support our NF Family Retreat (like the awesome one last summer in the pic)


petting animals retreat 2014











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Born Brave: Tell us how you think your NF kids are brave! We love hearing from you.  info@littlesttumor.org



Please let us know your ideas for NF solutions! info@littlesttumor.org


Such a GREAT year in our Advocacy efforts!

We rolled up our sleeves and got to work:

WI Model of Bipartisan Support for Nation

108  Congressional Representatives Sign on to support NF Research

10 Senators Sign on to support NF Research






Our Commitment:

1  Building Awareness USE-2



Summer Days: Our Favorite Green Juice

How to make Green Juice-3




NF Real Life: “Please still fund research! Both my children and I suffer with NF1, my daughter presents with the worst symptoms in our family. She has had 5 surgeries and is only 9. More surgeries are in her future. Tumors growing back and new ones are found. It’s a never ending battle. No child should have to live like this. “

Support NF Scientific Research Click Here!



Never to Young: Meet the Crew

Young Hipster Lilla has been working for the NF cause since age 8. She has spoken to legislators, run/walk, cut off hair, and participated in most every event LTF has ever had.

Join her and volunteer today! Email us info@littlesttumor.org



Tell Your Legislators: tumors in children, we do not like them, we do not like them, WE DO NOT LIKE THEM

Pediatric medical research funding should never be sidelined by Congressional debate. Federal funding for Neurofibromatosis  (NF) needs continued legislative support.

We work on this all YEAR round!

Click here to sign for support!


Yay!! Jack Black of Tenacious D performs at December Benefit for LTF.

jack black dec 2013 benefit


nowThe opportunities for NF progress stand within our reach. Join us as we seize these opportunities and fulfill our vision: tumors in children, we do not like them. Donate now.


tumors in children, we do not like them

Check out our fundraising page!
 You can give a little to help A LOT.
You may ask yourself, how can I help the Littlest Tumor Foundation?
  1. Make a  $10 donation or start a campaign.
  1. Tell your family and friends–forward this email to inform them of how they can support the Littlest Tumor Foundation and make a difference in a child’s life.
  1. Join us on Facebook and Twitter to share our posts and help spread awareness.


The Happiness List: Our List #100 Happy Days





For us, connecting with our inner joy is working hard, taking the chances on the foundation that we do, and then seeing the impact it has on individuals and families. We try taking advantage of every opportunity and chance we have for the NF community.

What makes you happy? When someone offers you the chance to experience something new, bring your family together, or to just relax in the crazy times in life, do not be afraid to take it. Fill your life with happy memories and times that warm your heart because these are the moments we live for so why not experience more of them. Please share some things that make you happy!



Our Mission

Increase understanding of Neurofibromatosis (NF), empower affected families, advance research of preventative therapies.

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